International Tax Planning & Corporate Tax Services

At Guricon we recognize that tax planning is a key element in the decision making process for individuals, companies and worldwide corporations.

Cyprus, apart from its sandy beaches and warm climate, boasts the most competitive corporate tax rate in the EU at just 12.5%. Moreover Cyprus has tax treaties with over 40 countries thus enhancing its value as the ideal location for competitive and effective tax planning.

As a member of the EU, Cyprus is compliant with EU tax legislation.

Our qualified tax specialists, with a plethora of worldwide experience, can assist you with tailor made solutions to best fit your tax planning, be it from an individual, local or worldwide perspective.

*Some examples of benefits enjoyed by Cyprus tax registered and resident companies:

  • No tax on the Profit from the sale of securities
  • No tax on dividends received.
  • Tax losses can be carried forward and set off against future profits with no time restrictions
  • Under certain criteria, profits from permanent establishments abroad can be tax exempt.
  • Reorganisations can be utilised where assets and liabilities can be transferred without any tax exposures
  • No Capital gains tax on the disposal of immovable property located outside Cyprus.
  • Income on an International Trust is not taxable in Cyprus.

*above are facts for general guidance only and not to be taken as professional advice. Please contact us for more in-depth and specialized advice unique to you.

If you would like one of our professionals to contact you at a time convenient to you, then please drop us an email with your name, contact details, suitable calling time in your time zone (please specify country you are calling from) and it will be our pleasure to contact you at your preferred time.